It's been QUITE a while!

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I made the move down to LA over the summer and have just been super busy getting situated, working and watching movies. BETTER THE DEVIL has been accepted to a handful of festivals, I made a music video, a ton of Vines for The Crypt, and I'm currently working on getting another short or two done before next summer and the ever elusive DEBUT FEATURE. Keep checking the newly christened WORK page for new content (including my latest Directing Reel as of 20 minutes ago) and all my social media whatnot for daily babblings. Thanks!

That's a wrap!

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We finished principal photography on BETTER THE DEVIL on Monday and I could not be happier with how the footage turned out! I'm so excited to start editing this thing. I want to send a HUGE thank you out to my amazing cast and crew, and all of our backers on Kickstarter. This project would absolutely not have been possible without all of their hard work, long hours, and overwhelming support. Thank you. 


Without further ado, here's the teaser for BETTER THE DEVIL!


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I'm so excited to finally share my next, and biggest project yet, Better The Devil!  

The film is a loving riff on the horror genre, in the vein of the original Evil Dead films, Scream, or more recently, Cabin in the Woods. All the blood and guts for you gorehounds, plus clever dialogue and playful pokes at well worn genre norms that fans of Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright will appreciate.

And the most exiting part is that we've cast Tim De Zarn (Mordecai from Cabin in the Woods, Spider-Man, Fight Club, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Seinfeld) as our lead!

We've launched a Kickstarter for the film and shot a special teaser just for the campaign, which you can view below. The Kickstarter runs through December 4th and we have some great rewards lined up for backers, so check it out and (if you dig it) please share the project with your friends and family (and pets?)!

We shoot in December, and I cannot wait! 


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I created a short film to enter in the ABCs of Death 2 26th Director competition! Head over to the portfolio page to check it out, and be sure to vote on the entry page if you like it! 


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This is a big week!  The second video in my HSLP3 video updates is live NOW and you can check it out in the PORTFOLIO section! I can't stress how rad these songs are sounding - if you're a fan of melodic punk like Strung Out, Wilhelm Scream, and Bad Religion, and haven't given Heartsounds a listen, stop reading immediately and check them out!


In other news, my short film "Paw of Darkness: A Felinoir" was chosen to be part of the first wave of content for ODEMAX, who provide content for the new Redray Player (you know, from RED). The Redray Player delivers 4K content straight to your home (or theater!) and I'm stoked to be up there with some really cool up and coming filmmakers. Have a look around and check out the great content available, and be sure to check back again sometime as they're adding new content constantly.  


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This is a short film I made for class last semester on a Bolex camera in about six hours. We had a lot of technical issues as the cameras we used are about forty years old and get more abuse than love, and the film just didn't quite come out how I envisioned. Frankly, I probably bit off more than I could chew, as the prompt was less complex than what I decided to do. I am happy with how it came out despite the difficulties we had though, so while I wouldn't post this in the Portfolio section, I'm happy to share it here with the hope that you'll enjoy it for what it is: a flawed little passion project that I enjoyed doing. 



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