Added on by Alessandro Pulisci.

I'm so excited to finally share my next, and biggest project yet, Better The Devil!  

The film is a loving riff on the horror genre, in the vein of the original Evil Dead films, Scream, or more recently, Cabin in the Woods. All the blood and guts for you gorehounds, plus clever dialogue and playful pokes at well worn genre norms that fans of Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright will appreciate.

And the most exiting part is that we've cast Tim De Zarn (Mordecai from Cabin in the Woods, Spider-Man, Fight Club, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Seinfeld) as our lead!

We've launched a Kickstarter for the film and shot a special teaser just for the campaign, which you can view below. The Kickstarter runs through December 4th and we have some great rewards lined up for backers, so check it out and (if you dig it) please share the project with your friends and family (and pets?)!

We shoot in December, and I cannot wait!